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Have you been looking for the guitar? The guitar that is it when you think of your dream guitar? Six String Search grew out of the desire to cut to the chase in searching for guitars. One site, one search, through our own database updated and added to by guitar shops and dealers. Six String Search provides an easy search engine, where you can select the brand, model and price (or any combination) and we show you what's available.

So, what would you pay for this service? $100? $1000? How about nothing? Zero, zilch, nada. You can search and find your perfect guitar(s) and it won't cost you a dime. Looking for a shop in your area? We can help you with that as well. In the months ahead, we'll even help you find that Mesa Boogie or Marshall stack you've dreamed about.
Please Note: Six String Search has existed in various incarnations since 1999. As the website still receives traffic, we're dusting off the code and making another go at the service. Competition exists in the form of, which charges $35 and up for their service. We charge just $24.95 per month - which includes listing up to 200 guitars.

Please understand that the current guitar shops and guitars in our database is quite dated and not accurate. For the time being, the data exists for the purposes of testing. Nevertheless, we still encourage new registrations, which will be spared from our database cleanup when testing is complete.
Guitar Search
The Six String Search polls our entire database of guitars and returns all matches posted by shops and individuals. Your search criteria can be as specific or as general as you wish. Keep in mind, however, that a search just for Gibson may return hundreds of choices, while Gibson Les Paul with a price limit of $450 will narrow down to exactly what you're looking for.
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